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Real-time dashboard

Part of a virtual event management product by Allseated

Live dashboard is a section in the "Studio" platform for a virtual event that monitors real-time data and analyzes participant engagement. Here, during events, the admin can monitor engagement and real traffic, enabling the admin to see a full picture of the event and navigate between different values for specific information.

The dashboard provides focused data desired and needed by the user. This tool gives the manager necessary insights to make better decisions and run his event according to real-time data.

Introduction to Studio 

Studio is a management platform that enables users to create their own customized virtual space in a few minutes, such as conferences, webinars, social, themed events, galleries and meetups.

The platform guides the user from the early steps of making the event to measuring exposure and engagement from the analytics session.


The virtual event ultimately takes place in Exvo, an immersive, fully-branded, metaverse platform.

My role

Product designer- UX/UI, User Research,

Data Visualization

People I worked with

Yael Rosenberg- Senior product design

Roni Gabai- Head of design

Dor Hershkovitch- VP design

Olivia fine- Product manager

Ziv Abramovitch, Tsachiel Choen, David Botzer, Paul Lipovanu- Fronted developers


Event admins in the Studio. It depends on the requirements of the event whether it needs a single admin or multiple. In most cases,

event administrators come from the company that is organizing

the event.


As a result of the current Live dashboard's unreliability, users have developed alternative methods to monitor real-time instead of using the Live dashboard. It was known that it lacked information, the last update feature didn't work correctly, and the overall experience was disorganized and confusing.

Frame 35110.png

Old version of Live dashboard


checks-bold (1).png

Identifying and designing a tool that

provides a current picture of what happens in

a real-time event

checks-bold (1).png

To show participants information that allows the admin to take actions for

a specific participant or group

of participants

checks-bold (1).png

Allows for measurement of unique and critical aspects of a virtual event

checks-bold (1).png

To show stages and booths in the event

checks-bold (1).png

The admin needed to be able to apply actions to participants on a specific list at a specific moment


As soon as I received the PRD, I sat down with event managers within the company to find out what they need, what their pain points are, what they wish to see in real-time analytics and what is unnecessary. 


At the end of this process, I learned that the Live dashboard should answer the real goal - to create a summary but also a broad enough dashboard that is clear, easy to use and, most importantly, reliable. 

It helped me focus on the necessary parts of the product since

I knew there would be an Analytics session in the future.

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 11.04 1.png
Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 16.58 1.png

Parts from the PRD

During the UX process, I had to restore user belief in the Live dashboard and make them interested in using it again, while understanding the hierarchy of the dashboard and the needs of the users.


Low fidelity wireframe​

High fidelity wireframe​

On the UI side, I knew I would have to characterize the Data visualization system and create components that will serve as the seeds for the next section in the system, after the event, titled 'Analysis'.

Summary tab

The decision was to separate the section into two tabs-

the summary tab and the participants tab, in order to let the user combine between different hierarchies. 


The summary tab includes general information- the number

of participants and unique engagements number, participant status, number of floorplans and tables of stages and booths engagement.



Onboarding Statistics

While working on participant statuses, I understood the need for an additional part for Allseated’s staff- ‘Onboarding Statistics’: a breakdown of the crucial part for many users entering the event.

This modal allowed me to touch the pain points faced by Allseated staff during each event - one that is vital to the success of the event. The modal appears only on the Allseated members dashboard, so other users may have a different dashboard.

By breaking down the onboarding process into steps, the user can succeed in solving the first problem participants may encounter

Regular admin's summary

Allseated member's summary

Additional Statistics

In the system, each status has its own colour

Scenario: 6 floorplans in an event

Scenario: 3 floorplans in an event

Participants tab

In the participants tab, we needed to think about the participants list and how this tool will help the manager take action and manage better. We had a few versions during the work - initially just an information table, we developed the tab into a table with actions such as individual participant selection or multi-selection.

I wanted this tab to enable the user to receive specific information about individual participants/groups and even make comparisons.



Real-time Actions

A virtual event admin must be able to control the audience, know how to work with participants, and save time by adjusting participant actions.

The table also allows the user to apply selected specific actions on selected participants as a ‘kick from sessions’ in real-time. 

Participant connection profile- assists the user in resolving connection issues during the event

A quick action on a specific participant enables real-time actions that reflect directly on the participant


Meeting Colour

Within the event, there are likely to be multiple simultaneous conversations occurring. Participants in each conversation are differentiated by giving colours to their avatars' hands, with each conversation receiving its own colour. 

We needed to reflect the multiple conversations in the dashboard. Accordingly, we used the same colours in the dashboard to enable the admin to monitor the activities and conversations of meeting participants.

Avatar hands are colourized during a meeting

The 'In Meeting' status will be displayed with a meeting colour when a participant is in a meeting

Here, the table can be quickly scanned and filtered by the number of a group conversation. When clicking on a chosen meeting number, all the information about the participants will be displayed at the top of the table.

The Impact 

The dashboard became a major focus for the sales department to demonstrate the power of the platform for potential customers.

Users rely on the dashboard to monitor the participation in real-time and show varied aspects.

Even in pre-test events, users used

the dashboard to identify bugs, connection problems and other issues.

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