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Identity, Food, Conflict

Study project, 2021

Levant is a biannual and bilingual food magazine targeting an international audience of food fans.

The magazine focuses on the relationship between identity and food in the Middle East.


The magazine explores food as our identity – political food, food as a sign of identity, food as belonging to a family, a community and

a nation.

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Maps of countries' borders are interspersed throughout the magazine with statistics, personal editorials, and personal stories accompanied by illustrations and in-depth articles.


The reader may open the magazine and start reading from any page. No matter where he or she opens the magazine, the reader will discover one story from the range of content in the magazine.

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The "Borders" edition focuses on borders.

Borders between countries, borders between people, and cross-border food. Throughout the magazine, the notion of "borders" is found in the content, typography and graphic elements.


Typography without borders – enters and leaves, up and down, cuts and is cut, guides the eyes of the reader to unconventional parts of the page.

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