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The Circle

Men talking about manliness




Collaboration with Yael Mogyoros



Target audience – Israeli men aged 25-35


Women in Israel experience discomfort due to the objectifying masculine language that continues to increase in public spaces. This discourse is essentially a self-feeding circle.

In order to break the circle, it is necessary to appeal to men at eye-level in various arenas, by using a new male discourse – men will speak to other men in order to change this discourse and create an alternative, fair and pleasant way of speaking for everyone around them.



The circle is a male forum that deals with making changes to objectifying speaking habits. Participants in the forum are guided by a kit, divided into five levels.


The levels are built one on top of the other, leading a process to create an open discourse between participants. The participants pass through different stages in the life of an Israeli man, presenting different angles on daily experiences.



The logo symbolizes the five stages experienced

in the forum – each one alone but also representing

part of an entire proceeds.

המעגל- כרטיסיה בודדת.jpg
המעגל- כרטיסיה בודדת (1).jpg
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