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The Feminist Truth



A conceptual and interactive website for the

classic film Mary Poppins


The Problem

A conceptual and interactive website for film. 

The website need to show other side of the film.

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From Nostalgia To A New Interpretation

The objective of the website is to discover the feminist truth of the film to viewers – chosen clips from the film are testimony ton the feminist narrative that is intertwined throughout the storyline.

The target experience which is manifested in the design, interaction and music is the complete opposite of the classic and well-known film.




Experiencing the nostalgia of the film in a different and refreshing light grants additional value to the viewer.


I became aware of the feminist story of Mary Poppins by chance, and it was important for me to bring the message to a wider audience.

Wireframe sketches

Mary Poppins-1.jpg
Mary Poppins-5.jpg
Mary Poppins-6.jpg
Mary Poppins-7.jpg
website flow.jpg


The Final Result

The cover page of the website has a classic feel, conveying the film that we all know. Once delving into the website, the design and music change and the viewer finds himself or herself within an alternate world to the film.

Fonts and Colours





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